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The hidden Jewel of Boka Bay

La Perla hotel, villas and beach club. Step into the world of upscale coastal living where the Mediterranean beauty meets contemporary comforts. Explore La Perla!



Check the unique place where it is believed that true excellence lies in the details: from crisp and exquisite exterior to state-of-art interior: designer furniture, carefully selected premium textiles and top-notch, branded cosmetics.

La Perla hotel, villas and beach club
La Perla hotel, villas and beach club
La Perla hotel, villas and beach club
La Perla hotel, villas and beach club
La Perla hotel, villas and beach club
La Perla hotel, villas and beach club


  • The place for your nuptials


    On the first weekend of September, a gorgeous Indian-style wedding ceremony rocked La Perla Hotel & Villas.



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Draped in the azure colors of the sea, La Perla’s beach club reflects the essence of the coastal living: laid-back lifestyle, summer buzzing, and only positive vibes!




    Let our tranquil settings and the exceptional staff take you to the highest level of inner peace.



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    La Perla Love Show season 2018

From July 20 to August 15, a colossal la Perla Love Show was taking place in La Perla.
Romeo and Juliet, Orpheus and Euridice, Anna Karenina, The Ghost, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, Mr. and Mrs. Smith – the world's most romantic and touching love stories were brilliantly performed by the superior Russian dancers, Cirque du Soleil's acrobats and Olga Klein, the runner-up of Voice Show. Read further about the event.

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  • 24 rooms


    Room service

    Night Service

    Personal concierge


  • Parking

    Beach beds

    Beach shop

    Locker rooms





  • Marina

    Private beach

    VIP zone

    Life guards


Please carefully read our Club policy prior to your arrival.


La Perla pool and beach zone - open from 9am to 6pm.

Last order can be made until 6pm.

La Perla restaurant is open from 11am to 11pm.

Entrance is not allowed in swimsuits.


Sun beds:

Pool zone - 25e

Beach zone - 20e


VIP zone:

Kabana bed small (for 2 people) - 100e

Kabana bed big (for 4 people) - 150e

Fruit plate and water included.


Kids are allowed at the pool from 3 years old.

Sunbeds must be reserved with the full price for each child.


Sunbeds can be reserved by phone until 11am.


Pay for a sun bed more than 3 days and have 5e off

For the rest of the week.


Entrance with pets is not allowed.


Shuttle boat tickets can be purchased at La Perla,

Sumosan and Ukemochi restaurants.

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