• "At the moment of the creation of our planet, the most beautiful merging of land and sea occurred at the Montenegrin seaside... When the pearls of nature were sworn, an abundance of them were strewn all over this area"
    Lord Byron.

    The poet had a good reason to describe Montenegrin nature as truly dazzling and eye-catching. Inspired by the maitre, we created our own “pearl” in the domain of recreation, relaxation, and comfort - «La Perla Hotel &Villas».

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  • Montenegro

    Montenegro is a land where the flow of life is still unhurried. Fancy a modern hotel that can boast of upscale standards, uncontested service level, as well as of modern and fashionable conveniences. It shows high functionality whilepossessing fairy charm and glamour.


We are located on the shore of the Boca Bay

We are located on the shore of the Boca Bay, a gorgeous nook of nature topping Europe’s most fabulous spots. A most avid traveler won’t be left cold by the mirror reflection of the mighty mountains and ancient buildings in the water, as well as by the favorable climate. 



Close your eyes and imagine your best morning possible: a new day in the Bay of Kotor. You can hear the bells tolling on the island of Our Lady of Mercy just opposite our residence. A pinkdawn is inveiling the morning mist, a warm sun is dissipating its gentle beams, and the purest air is charging the body and mind with positive vibes.


Now, multiply it ten times – that’s what you are going to get in La Perla.

A well-thought-out five-star complex infrastructure includes hotel rooms and apartments, outdoor and indoor swimming pools, a beach, a few restaurants, and personal mooring with a small marina, which meet the idea of luxury and privacy to the full extent.


The convenience of a close location to other towns while being remote and isolated from the hustle and bustle makes La Perla an ideal retreat both to holiday and to constantly residein Montenegro irrelevant of the season. In this complex, all conditions are ensured for enjoyment of both short stay and long residence in case of purchase of ownership of apartments. Due to highly-set quality standards, La Perla will justly implement the modern lifestyle in the very heart of the Kotor Bay.

Thecomplex includes two restaurants, La Perla and Niran.


They can truly be called unique: no other Montenegrin restaurant can boast of such a cuisine.

Enjoy a glass of rose with pastel sunset notes and try delicious Mediterranean dishes cooked with love by our chef who obtained an international work experience in world’s Michelin awarded top restaurants. A professionally compiled wine listsultimately agree with the restaurant menus.


«La Perla»


Villa «Z»


Villa Z is located in La Perla’s first line enjoying the direct access to the sea. The landscaped space with a swimming pool and comfortable lounge zones inspires a laid-back lifestyle and enjoying every single day spent here. Villa Z’s noble and laconic style emphasizes the guests’ and owners’ status. The exquisiteness of the details goes together well with the overall atmosphere of European minimalism. Each of the rooms has a terrace and enjoys a panoramic sea view. The residents are provided with access to all the complex infrastructure objects.



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  • Tivat airport lies within 9 km distance from La Perla Hotel & Villas, which makes getting here easy from any corner of the world. 

La Perla Hotel & Villas means luxury and comfort.

This is an exceptional combination of a hotel, villas, spa, refined restaurants and a beach at one place.


La Perla hotel, villas and beach club
La Perla hotel, villas and beach club
La Perla hotel, villas and beach club