Beach club


Once you step onto the La Perla beach zone you will feel the characteristic sense of leisure lifestyle that flows across the entire area. Draped in the azure colors of the sea, La Perla Beach Club reflects the essence of the coastal living: laid-back lifestyle, summer buzzing, and positive vibes only.

Beach zone

  • MON-SUN: 9 AM – 7 PM



    Boat transfers


    Mini beach shop

    Sunbed rentals

    Changing rooms and showers


    VIP lounge zone

    Beach food and cocktails


    BOOK A BED: +382 32 662592


    La Perla hotel, villas and beach club


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  • Our 22-meter pool can easily become the most entertaining zone at the beach club, either for youth or families.

    Dive into the sound of DJ’s lounge mix, let the water make you feel weightless and double your pleasure with the finest selection of refreshing cocktails and delicious Pizza! 


    BOOK A BED: +382 32 662592

Water Activities

Kayaks, paddle boards, aqua bike lessons are at your disposal at all times. Everything in this seductive, sexy and vibrant surroundings is set with a finger firmly on the pulse of summer pleasures, memorable Insta photos and loads of fun times. Enjoy yourself! 

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  • One the bright days of this summer in La Perla:

    One of the best days of this summer at La Perla: sun is shining, azure waves, refreshing cocktails, delicious food, a hot flash mob, high spirits and… real mermaids! 

    Our guests’ smiles are our essential award.

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