Hotel La Perla 5*

  • La Perla Hotel & Villas is a new yet grandiose project that has already received a high accolade and status. Just recently, La Perla Hotel has been awarded 5 stars.


    Yana Yevtushik, the director of the hotel, is lifting the veil on the service, development and plans for the future.

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- The hotel offers quite a high level of service for Montenegro. How do you manage to fly that high? What are you ready to suggest a picky guest?


- Luckily, the level of service in Montenegro has been rising, so there is enough room for growth and improvement. Nowadays, it is very interesting to keep an eye on the tendencies in this competitive playing field, and to boost the level of performance. Besides, we are highly motivated by our guests who are, on the one hand, experienced travelers themselves and, on the other hand, our precious critics and connoisseurs. Our guest is truly a demanding and savvy one, which makes us learn to fulfill every client’s desires. Our goal is to make our service inconspicuous, unobtrusive and delicate. Thus, our guests know they are taken care of but are not burdened by the staff’s concern.


- What is so outstanding about the hotel? How long has it been on the market, what is its key count and territory?


- La Perla Hotel & Villas is a very young project that is being onwards and upwards in the segment where it operates. Our wide infrastructure, which already includes the hotel’s main building and dependency, Villa Z’s building, two restaurants, a spa and a wellness center, a private beach, restaurants in Porto Montenegro and Kamenari, is going to develop further. We are planning to create a place one won’t want to leave.
The rooms and apartments are equipped and furnished up to the minute. The apartments’ sizes are so impressive, and the atmosphere is so relaxed and casual, one can easily feel at home



- What is the hotel’s zest that makes it different from other hotels?


- La Perla Hotel & Villas is an absolutely unique project. So far, there’s no hotel of the kind in Montenegro, we can see that clearly, and so can our guests. By their words, the complex is heaven on earth, which is a real appreciation. Our guests don’t need to leave the hotel to enjoy all the recreational delights and beauty of Montenegro. The uniqueness of its location allows beholding the Adriatic Sea and enjoying a careless stay.
Being an upscale complex, we still take a friendly approach at every stage of communication with our guests. We erase frames and boundaries of communication. The curious and extraverts will always find support with our staff ready to answer any question and meet any demand. Those who opt for escaping recognition or submerging into their inner world are provided by online means of communication with all the hotel’s units.

- You are located in a country highly influenced by seasonal fluctuation. To live the brand, what is the hotel’s management going to do after the summer season?


- Seasonality really plays an important role here but it doesn’t frighten us. For the upcoming winter season, we are preparing a grand surprise – a spa center that is literally going to both win the hearts of the locals and attract foreign visitors. To my mind, Montenegrin winters are specially made for luxuriating in a spa and feasting eyes on the Adriatic.