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  • On the first weekend of September, a gorgeous Indian-style wedding ceremony rocked La Perla Hotel & Villas.

    The place for your nuptials


    We are located on the very shore of the Boca Bay, one of the most attractive and perfect nooks of nature in the whole world. The purest air, a developed infrastructure, breathtaking views, luxury and comfort – the five-star La Perla Hotel will excitedly ensure an unforgettable holiday and impeccable service. The hotel consists of 16 apartments of various capacity, which ensures a comfortable stay for the newlyweds and their guests. The swimming-pool zone is truly the complex’s icon. The restaurant offers over 300 seats, and our Michelin-awarded Chef will make your special occasion’s dream menu come true. The restaurant zone includes a professional stage boasting of the cutting-edge technical features, so our restaurant’s music zone is capable of receiving stars of any magnitude including the world’s ones. The beach is an ideal place for conducting ceremonies: the shore line, eye-catching seascapes, and a club bar. The record shows, this is the best zone to set wedding tents, decorations, and other accessories. A team of professional managers, planners, waiters, florists and musicians will make your most happy day unforgettable too. We can fulfill any dream in its entirety.


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